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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 13, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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study to show this. and i should add that hormone should not be a way to stop heart disease or cancer. but this could be promising answers for them in chasing life. this is going to wrap this up, thank you for joining us on sanjay, and keep the conversation going on twitter. t hello everyone, i'm don lemon in the cnn news room, we have developments to tell you about in the deadly meningitis reports. the cdc reports there is another death, the death toll standing now at 15, overall, 198 confirmed cases of fungal meningitis, across 38 states. it is linked to the steroid injectionsor back pain. and the biggest incident to
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hit hollywood in a very long time, i want you to look at that, five stories tall, crawling very slow through the streets of downtown los angeles. now, the retired space shuttle "endeavour" heading for its final destination, you're looking at live pictures there. we'll check the progress from los angeles in a moment. and you can follow along as it moves through l.a., see the little window in the screen there? there it is right there, that is a live picture, we'll keep it up here for you all afternoon. and syrian rebels fighting against the regime of assad, declare a victory, they say they shot down aircraft, there was no let-up in the violence as the opposition said 110 people were killed across syria today. and a suicide bomb tearing across a busy market in northwest pakistan today. at least 17 killed, 38 others
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wounded. officials suspect that the target was a nearby building serving as a base for anti-taliban fighters, the explosion in the busiest time of day in the market. and police in denver say somebody fired a single shot friday into an obama campaign office. no one was hurt, but people were inside the office at the time. nobody got a look at the suspect. but police say they do have a possible lead on a vehicle. and republican mitt romney, mixing political rallies with debate prep this weekend. he has an event later this hour in lebanon, ohio, a few hours ago he went after president obama over the economy at a rally in portsmouth, romney spent the afternoon in a session getting ready for the tuesday's presidential debate. i want to show you something, the least used street sign in american history. show it for me, shuttle cro crossing. whoever made that sign waited a
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long time to use it. but you know, it sure came in handy today in los angeles. this is what we're talking about. space shuttle "endeavour," the workhorse space craft which zoomed through space 25 times making its final journey right now. and it is super, super slow. two cnn work horses are watching this story, the surreal moment, in time. our john zarrella, first to you, where is the shuttle now? and how fast are we moving? is it still two miles an hour, or even slower? >> reporter: yeah, actually, and before that, i have to get us a couple of those signs, that is great. but it is actually moving less than two miles an hour, they actually had difficulty in the tight turns, where the clearances were just a couple of miles. but we are on the roof top of a parking garage of a mall. and you can see the tremendous crowd that is gathering and continued to gather, look down
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the street down there, don. all lined up down the street here waiting for endeavour, which is about an hour behind schedule. and i'm joined with stephanie stillson, what is with nasa. she has been responsible for getting all three of the space shuttle orbiters prepared for their final home. and stephanie, just look at the crowd, spectacular. >> it is actually more people than i expected, and i expected a lot. so you see them pouring in, continuously, that is great. >> and that has to make you feel good, the shuttle is retiring, and gee, a lot of people, of course, you, not wanting to let it go. >> yes, you know, they have been taking care of endeavour, and to turn it over to somebody else is hard to do. but we know that the california science center will do a great job, and to see it get here is even better. >> and don said, why don't we talk about it, why don't you just take the wings off this
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thing? not so easy. >> not so easy, it as a thermal protection component, it would be a big challenge to take those things off. could you do it? yes, not a smart thing to do. so that is why we had to develop the route and get through the city. >> and you know, don, stephanie waits, and every time she hears "tight corners," the problem is there were trees in some neighborhoods they didn't want to cut down, the controversy, they had to cut down about 400 trees, science center said they put back two for every one they cut down. but there were some older neighborhoods where they didn't want to cut them down. so it made the clearances literally just a couple of inches on either side. and that has slowed them down, but these people have been really great troopers, you know, out here for four or fiveours already, waiting on space shuttle "endeavour." so you know what a big event this is here in the los angeles
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area. don? >> all right, thank you very much, john, we'll see you in just a bit. let's go to casey wine right now, casey you're a little bit closer to the shuttle right now, pretty close to you, what is going on where you are? >> well, i don't want to cause stephanie any concern, but she and john were just talking about these tight clearances, and you can see over my left shoulder here, the space shuttle "endeavour." and you can see the telephone poles, yeah, probably no more than a foot on the side of "endeavour," and you can see a tree on the other side, where you may be able to see that saw over there, cutting some excess branches off that tree. we have been watching this kind of activity all day long as we have been walking alongside the "endeavour," as you walk alongside, you can see a cable going across. 20 minutes ago the cable was ten feet lower than it is now. they just raised it temporarily
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to allow the shuttle's wings to pass under. so the shuttle is crawling along, very, very slowly as you can probably see. and the most important man in this whole operation right now is the gentleman right here in the blue jump suit. he has a joy stick controller in front of him. and he is maneuvering this platform that is holding this shuttle, just like it was a video game. probably about the most expensive, sophisticated video game you could imagine. but so far, even though it is running a little bit behind schedule, everything has gone relatively smoothly. no significant damage to -- any trees or any power lines. and most importantly, no significant damage to the shuttle. don? >> that is so weird to see that thing behind you on the street, casey, all right, thank you, and i want to tell you viewers again. we'll keep the box up that we'll see later on cnn. and we'll carry it for you live tonight on cnn at 10:00, when it
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really gets closer to its destination, let's go to polit c politics now. and of course, a race for the white house, just 24 days until election day, shannon, we know mitt romney spent the morning getting ready for tuesday night's debate. what is the president doing today? >> the president is hunkering down, in debate camp, pretty much today. at williamsburg, virginia, obviously, he wants to win virginia again as he did in 2008. but we don't expect to see him publicly today, he is hunkering down with his debate team, as you mentioned. romney is holding two events in ohio today. around that, don, he is also meeting up with his debate advisers and did some debate prep this morning. he will be returning back to boston later on tonight to do some more preparations. >> i know that every time we come to you guys, it seems like you political guys, you and paul steinhauser, you have numbers. >> always polls, always polls,
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we live by the polls. >> what do you have? >> a little bit of a surprise, you may appreciate this run in arizona, of all places, you know that arizona is pretty much a republican state. no democratic president has gotten its vote except bill clinton in 1996. and that goes back to 1972. but we have a new poll from rocky mountain, a rocky mountain poll showing obama 42%, romney, 42% among all voters. that is surprising, because just a few weeks ago romney was ahead. we rate arizona as leaning romney, and this poll was taken after the presidential debate that most people thought, even president obama thought that he didn't bring his a-game. so it is a little bit surprising that this poll shows obama slightly ahead of romney. >> yeah, at least it makes the contest more interesting and not predictable. so let's talk about tuesday's debate format. our candy crowley, she is going to be great, make that raddatz,
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we knew was going to be great. how is this going to be different? >> well, it is a town hall format, different than just the usual area, the candidates are speaking directly to the voters themselves. they're having to gauge or maybe you know, modify their answers based on the reaction, right? it is a lot tougher, it presents a lot more opportunities for mistakes. you remember, don, in 1992, president george h.w. bush looking down at his watch in a town hall format debate. it presents a little bit more opportunities to mess up. because the audience right there, you have to react to, as well as the audience at home. so it is a little bit harder to connect. >> yeah, but guess what? who do you remember? the people who are relatable, and not perfect. >> that is true, that is true. >> thank you shannon. >> i don't know if i could do it, though.
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thank you, pressuappreciate shannon, moving on again, we'll show you the space shuttle, and the movements live on cnn. and a rock legend about to hit the campaign trail. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bruce springs steen, the boss, campaigning for president obama in ohio, as well, teaming up with another high profile supporter's none other than former president bill clinton, the lead in that state has narrowed since the first debate. and the presidential contenders will square off for the second time on tuesday night. our special live coverage begins at 7:00 eastern here on cnn, the debate will be moderated by cnn's candy crowley, as i said earlier. and coming up, prayers around the world for a pakistani activist nearly killed by the taliban as police make more arrests in her shooting. and google searches that yield a presidential candidate. some of the search phrases will surprise you.
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. new developments about a 14-year-old pakistani girl who survived an assassination attack by the taliban. malala yousufzai moved her limbs today, according to a pakistani military spokesperson. the children in pakistan and beyond are praying for her swift recovery. she is well known for blogging about how girls should have rights in pakistan. police in pakistan arrested three more suspects in connection with tuesday's brutal attack. malala yousufzai was riding home from school when she was shot in the neck. they talked to the friends of
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the activist, and we have to warn you, some of the video in the story may be too graphic for some of the viewers. >> reporter: blood stain seats covered the pickup truck. malala yousufzai and her classmates rode together to get home from school. this is where malala yousufzai was sitting, police say, when gunmen shot her in the head. her friend was sitting next to her, she says, when one of the attackers stopped the truck. another came around the back, she says, gun in hand. when we saw the gun, we started screaming, she says. he asked, who is malala yousufzai? i don't think anyone told him, but he recognized malala yousufzai, and started to shoot. malala yousufzai fell down, but he kept firing. that is when had friend and i got injured. she is recovering from a bullet wound to the hand. 14-year-old malala, who had a high profile blog, critical of the taliban, is clinging to life, following major surgery.
2:16 pm
the passenger truck now part of an intense is investigation to find the gunmen, the pakistani government, under increasing pressure to solve the case, has given conflicting accounts of the probably, the interior minister says the two men have been identified and arrests are coming soon. the foreign minister says that 100 people were dastopped for questioning, a regional authority says that 35 were in custody, three blame malala yousufzai's shooting on a man linked to the taliban. the taliban claims they plotted the attack, but police say still no hard evidence who pulled the trigger. on friday, the outpouring of support continued with a message from the prime minister. >> and we have to unite and stand together. >> reporter: and vigils across the country, pakistanis, young and old, praying for malala, a 14-year-old human rights activist, whose legend grows by
2:17 pm
the day. >> she is a little child, gives older people hope and inspiration. and sanity, and brings us back from depression and dejection. >> a top spokesperson said that doctors will keep a close eye on the swelling in malala's brain, swelling, of course a big concern after the surgery, the brain is enclosed, unlike other parts of the body, the swelling doesn't have anywhere to go. the doctors they say, will keep a close eye on it. much of the nation and world keeping an eye on malala yousufzai's health, as well, islamabad. and how many can people tell about you if they know your political affiliation? well, apparently a lot. including your sex life.
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so i figured, you know, i have been doing this for a while and done just about every story. but not this one, here is a new twist on politics. can your political views say more about you than just politics? for example, fireaor example, t music tracker breaks down
2:21 pm
musical songs, for example, if you like tim mcgraw, you may likely be republican, and lady gaga, just generalizing, not always so apparently. and kelly clarkson, well, more of her fans identified with the gop. what about pink floyd? actually, their fans lean right, too, what else can we use as a filter? wendy walsh is a human behavior expert, of course we're going to ask her that. she knows a lot about relationships, specifically, x sex, that is actually in the prompter. so is there a difference between red state sex and blue state sex? >> yes, there absolutely is. okay everybody, turn up your tv, here we go. this from a fabulous book called "pre marital sex," you should get a copy of this book. his whole chapter on red sex,
2:22 pm
blue sex, our mating strategies. basically, conservatives tend to marry earlier and most often have sex within the confines of the marriage, especially teenage girls. since they get married earlier, have sex earlier, have more kids earlier, they have time to have lots of divorces, so they ultimately have more marriages. liber liberals, on the other hand -- wait a minute, you said more marriages or divorces. >> more marriages, more divorces. >> okay, liberal? >> so liberals have less time to have the marriages, because they delay marriages and have more sex out of marriage, they have more abortions, conservatives are more likely to have more aborti abortions, liberals don't have as much time to have all of those marriages. >> oh, okay. this one is from -- my writer, rob harbor, he says what about
2:23 pm
swing states? >> of course, swing states, we're going to have all kinds of interesting sex going on there. no, but you want to know an interesting thing, don, in on-line dating sites, did you know that political affiliation was the most least likely trait that somebody will put in their profile, most people will say they're an independent, almost like they're afraid to show case it. there is more chance they will show the body fat, bmi, than their political affiliation when they're courting. it is fascinating. >> they won't put it in there, but is it something that is important, that you should put in there, would it make a big difference in choosing a mate? >> did you know that political affiliation is the most common shared trait among marital partners, than religion? so my thinking is they push it
2:24 pm
out, on things like what do you think about gun control and abortion? that type thing. >> okay, so what about families, marriages, we have james carville and mary matalin, what about where they embrace different parties? does it happen a lot? and how do they resolve it? do they just live with it? >> well, it is actually rare, it is one of the most common things that couples share as a political affiliation, it has been suggested if they don't talk about it in the dating affiliation, it could be tough. and the conservative may just want to get divorced after that fight, and the liberal doesn't, because there seems to be more divorces. but the question people ask, if liberals -- will they become
2:25 pm
extinct, the conservatives generally acquire their rank through birth. but as people become more mobile, they move to pursue careers, get exposed, they become more liberal. so as a result, liberals acquire their folks through conversion, they convert to liberalism, i like to say some of the best liberals were born conservatives. >> wow, i wonder how people get passionate about politics, because i'm not political, it is sort of in your genes. >> well, you partly inherit it, and it is partly environmental, no, it is true, it is in your genes. >> all right, we were talking about sex, good to see you, good-bye. >> good to see you. have you ever googled yourself and discovered strange things pop up? well, turns out you can google
2:26 pm
off-color phrases and some candidate candidates pop up [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... . >> don't forget, you can watch cnn live from your compur, just go to cnn/tv. time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. whatever your business challenge, ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru.
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on political overload right now. but it is not often that the search engines themselves become a political story. cnn's athena jones shows us what happens when you search the phrase "completely wrong" on google? >> reporter: google, yahoo! bing, search engines are a part of modern life. the top search engines were biden, and who is winning the debate? it is a window into the minds of millions of web users. but they can also raise eyebrows, for instance, when i type completely wrong into the search engine, i get mitt romney. google says it was not intentional, the algorythm just picked up on the 47% remarks. we saw a similar situation on bing, but to a lesser degree.
2:30 pm
>> if you put a picture of mitt romney next to words that say like "completely wrong" they think i guess it is relevant for completely wrong. >> reporter: sometimes it is unintentional, they put words like miserable failure, to put president george h. bush at the top. intentional or not, a search for the phrase "debate fail" brings up images of president obama, but also people like romney, governor rick perry, and kerry, and speaking of kerry, who was accused of flip-flopping on the issues, conservative web campaigners managed to put his name next to the search engine, waffle. is this something that candidates are powerless to do anything about? >> one of the things they can do, make sure they have multiple
2:31 pm
websites that are about themselves. >> reporter: the good news? search engines usually fade over time. athena jones, cnn, washington. half past the hour now, a look at the headlines, new developments in the deadly meningitis outbreak, cdc is reporting more than a dozen new cases of fungal meningitis and a death. that stands at 15 now, more than 100 cases of fungal meningitis is linked across the united states. the outbreak comes from injections that were used to help back pain, 14,000 may have been infected. and stealing this from the federal reserve, the fbi says that thieves took a large amount of newly designed $100 bills that were headed for a destination in new jersey. there was to be a stopover in new jersey, a transporter realized the money was missing after the cargo reached new
2:32 pm
jersey. and candidates hard at work getting ready. president obama heading for williamsburg, virginia today for some intense debate preparati preparations. and meanwhile, mitt romney is holding a rally, the second of the day. meanwhile, live pictures of romney there at the podium. but he spent a couple of hours this morning getting ready for the debate. and this is a live shot here, another one from downtown los angeles, that is space shuttle "endeavour," of course. doesn't it look weird on the stre streets. and you don't want to get stuck behind this in traffic, going slower than average walking speed. destination, across to the california science center across from l.a.x. and this may be a first, a mother super glues her daughter's hands to the wall. we'll tell you how much prison time she is going to get. but first this. well, when it comes to your 401(k), how would you describe
2:33 pm
yourself? christine romans has advice on what to do with your savings plan in today's new rich. >> reporter: in the stock market today, there are bulls, cats. stocks are up this year big time. the federal reserve is stimulating the economy, keeping interest rates super low. riskier assets like stocks and commodities have been rising. but is the rally for stocks over? cnn surveyed advisers, most in the s&p and right here. what is the problem? >> we have got some big, dark clouds ahead of us. >> reporter: america's fiscal cliff, europe's mess, china's slow down. it has been a good rise, time for a slowdown. >> the next year, the growth will be nowhere near this.
2:34 pm
>> if you're an investor, should you consider not having so many stocks? >> well, this could be a good year, become a more conservative invest. >> reporter: but bulls say pause now, and you're a fool. >> i'm definitely a bull in this market today, next year and the year after. i think the economics is going to change dramatically in about ni months. this should be a time where people are buying, increasing their risk tolerance, increasing their exposure to the stock market itself. >> reporter: and for the scaredy-cats out there, you should expect for return on your money sitting in the banks or from bonds. >> the average return will be a much, much better return than they get in t-bills or the 2% they get in bonds. >> reporter: whatever you do, bulls and bears agree. >> don't let the headlines drive you for the choices in how you invest, it is more about the long-term and more about where you want to go. and what type of portfolio you
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need to get you there. >> reporter: and if you don't know the log-in to your 401(k), you won't get there. christine romans, cnn. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ i was skeptical at first. but after awhile even my girlfriend noticed a difference. [ male announcer ] rogaine is proven to help stop hair loss. and for 85% of guys, it regrew hair. save up to 42% now at [ laughing ]
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. all right, live now, there is a presidential candidate, mitt romney speaking in the battleground state of ohio. >> cuts to the military, and with troughly a trillion in cut to the military, that doesn't just cost jobs that threatens our national security. the secretary of defense said the cuts would be devastating. i can tell you this, when i get elected president -- we're going
2:39 pm
to make sure that we do not cut our military budget, our military must remain the strongest military in the world by a wide margin. one of the biggest differences between the two of us relates to jobs. rising take-home pay. i mean, with 23 million americans out of work and struggling to find a good job with the median income in america having gone down, last three or four years, 4,000 a family, at the same time, food prices, gas, health care cost is up. but this has been a tough time for middle income americans. the vice president said that middle incomes have been buried. he is right, against that backdrop, against that backdrop,
2:40 pm
when the president is asked what are you going to do to get people jobs? he has nothing to say, it is another stimulus, he wants to hire government workers, nothing wrong with government workers. but that is notoing to put america back to work. and then of course, he wants to make his various businesses, investments and so forth, he doesn't have a plan that will get america working. >> mitt romney is speaking to supporters in lebanon, ohio, and you know the rhetoric will get stronger as the election day gets closer. down three points from the president, romney got a bit of a bump after the last debate, but still trailing obama. if you want to watch the rally in its entirety, you can watch it on cnn/live. and a mother gets 99 years in texas after she admitted super gluing her two-year-old daughter's hands to the wall, and then beating her.
2:41 pm
at the sentencing hearing, they showed pictures of the girl's hands and body. how did the judge come to this sentence? ridiculous, how did the judge come to this sentence? >> what he said was, you savagely beat your daughter almost to death. so basically what he is going to do is give her the max for every offense she has been convicted of to ensure she doesn't have access, remember, don, she has other children. and in her plea for the judge to be lenient, she said well, i have to get out and take care of our other children. i think the judge sent a clear picture, we don't want you taking care of other children. >> but didn't the attorneys say this sentence is excessive? obviously, appeal will be made here. >> right, they will appeal, first of all on a lot of different grounds and will appeal, given the nature of the
2:42 pm
offense. but typically, we don't see those appeals being successful. it is within the judge's discretion. that is why the law is wide open. and when you consider all the damage that was done to this little girl and the fact that she barely survived it, i don't think the appeal will be successful. interestingly enough what she tried to say and the attorneys tried to put up, well, i was sexually abused as a child. so that is why i did all of this. but then the prosecutor came back and said but you consistently, constantly beat this child. and the defendant said, did you beat her? she said constantly. >> that is something you work out with your therapist. and the family of a south university of alabama student who was shot and killed last weekend in a late-night confrontation with a campus police officer. said the death was unjustified. the video has not been reviewed
2:43 pm
by reporters or the public, but the family's attorneys did get to see it. take a look. >> i can tell you without reservation that nothing we saw in the videotape justified the use of deadly force in this case. something happened that caused him to act in an unusual, distressed manner. the fact that he came to the police station indicates that he was not necessarily looking for trouble. in fact, i think he was looking for help. >> so the mobile county police are investigating. so first, do you think this surveillance video will be released? >> it will be, because there is a lawsuit that is being filed so it will become part of the discover packet, once it is out there. unless they get a special order sealing it, it will be available to the public. >> and at the university, who is it with? >> it is with the officer and the department he works for. because we know from all accounts, the boy was naked. which means what? he didn't have a weapon of any
2:44 pm
kind. so use of deadly force against a person who has no weapon whatsoever, to me is going to pre inexcusable. and that is why the liability will rest. >> unless they say he was hopped up on drugs or -- >> right, call for backup, two officers can take him down, use pepper spray, there are many alternatives short of deadly force. >> all right, thank you, holly. >> absolutely. >> all right, this american basketball star is scoring points with the people of iran.
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
i have an incredible story for you really, a lot of americans here, iran, they think mahmoud ahmadinejad, rhetoric, that is what one basketball player thought. in fact rk, he feared iran, but accepted a gig there anyway. and that is where he got a huge
2:48 pm
surprise. >> reporter: even when you know you got game, the game here. >> what i thought about iran was, heck no. >> reporter: it is complicated. >> i don't know what they're talking about. >> reporter: and downright comical for american point guard, shepherd, the iran job document. >> you're my man. >> reporter: after college ball in florida, shepherd played on pro teams around the world. then in 2008, he was one of 13 americans recruited by the iranian super league. >> i said to myself, well, if i get there and it is everything like the news said it was, weapons of mass destruction, these people are crazy, they have osama bin laden over there hiding, then i will just get on the next plane and come home. >> reporter: he joined the team in the cultural center. >> here i was, you know, in a
2:49 pm
country where they have all of these signs, down with usa, and usa is the evil one. and then i met with the people, they're like oh, i love lebron james, i want to go to america and be a superstar. >> reporter: and the american found himself at home, and a filmmaker found himself a story. >> read about the handful of players who do this in iran, and was right away inspired to find somebody who could be the tour guide there. >> they love americans there, especially black americans there. it struck me that these players could potentially be bridge-builders. >> reporter: bridge-building was not this player's priority. winning was. >> i always try to stay away from politics, because i'm just a basketball player, you know. >> reporter: but on his way to practice during the playoffs in 2009. >> like this -- long streak, as
2:50 pm
far as your eyes can see, no turns, just straight, one side was hezbollah, which is like their military police, and another side was the green participants. >> reporter: the country's green movement was beginning, demonstrators protesting the election results. and the athlete found himself in the middle of an uprising. >> i am caught between of the u >> i'm caught between a million people. that's where i said this here is starting to get serious. >> reporter: the government quickly swept the protest ergs off the street. >> at the end of the day they were denied. but you could also see the seed of change already in them. >> this story here needs to be told. >> reporter: to get it told, they put footage on crowd funding site kick starter and raised more than $100,000 online from regular people worldwide to finish the film. the protesters may have been quieted but a movie capturing their movement has been made
2:51 pm
possible by a point guard and a loud voice of the people. >> very cool. so is this. it can fly nearly 17,000 miles an hour, but today the shuttle endeavour on a slow-mo mission. the snail's pace journey to its new home. where ever we go, you go too. you can watch cnn live at
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
a very cool thing to cruise down the streets of los angeles. not even hollywood directors could pull this off. the space shuttle endeavour. that's the star of the show taking its sweet time kraulg to its final destination. nasa is in no hurry to get it home to the california science center. john, just a little while ago, the shuttle had not made it to your position. what about now?
2:55 pm
where is it? >> reporter: no, it still hasn't. and you can see the crowd behind us. there are thousands and thousands of people who have gathered here by a shopping mall which was the second designated area where they were going to have a soerceremony. they are one-hour behind schedule right now. it looks like perhaps another hour now we're hearing before they make it here. not likely that they can make up much time, but they did run into some areas w. where there were very close quarters. so many people pressing in, having problems with crowd control in some areas because of the throng of people getting close to the people that had to keep them back. and also trimming some branchs back from some of the trees. so they've run into some snags along the way that they didn't quite anticipate. >> let's go to casey. you heard what john said they've
2:56 pm
ran into some snags. some people were wondering, is this really necessary or is that something more theoretical here, something a little larger than life? it could be a bit of both. what do you say? >> they say they've studied every potential way including bringing in the shuttle on helicopters and this was the best way to do it. and you asked john just a while ago where the shuttle is exactly and it just passed the corner of florence and we are on crenshaw boulevard. and it struck me that just about a mile to the west of here is the corner of florence and normandy which of course was the flash point of the los angeles riots 20 years ago. what we have seen in this community today is an outpouring of patriotism, celebration. we saw a spontaneous singing of
2:57 pm
the star spankeled banner several minutes ago. he they would say it's all been well worth it. >> that vest is not a fashion statement. it's a safety sament by casey. thank you guys. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. i was skeptical at first. but after awhile even my girlfriend noticed a difference. [ male announcer ] rogaine is proven to help stop hair loss. and for 85% of guys, it regrew hair. save up to 42% now at
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